ABU BareBum

UPDATE! NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION! These diapers are no longer being made by ABU and we don’t know if or when they will return. Supply is limited. Get them while you can!

The ABU BareBum Diapers are now available at Wearing Clouds! These diapers are perfect for day and night use. They feature an all-around pastel colored baby block print. As with any great diaper, the BareBum’s are plastic backed and perfect for crinkling around! Check out this list of amazing features this diaper offers!

  • 4 strong tapes per side
  • All around print with PLASTIC Backing
  • Quick absorbency core
  • Back Waistband
  • Up to 3,500 ML absorbency rating!
  • Tall standing leak guards

As you can see, the ABU BareBum diapers are the real deal! These are sure to please everyone. Whether you want a diaper for playtime, naptime, or for going on adventures, these diapers will be perfect for you!

Size MEDIUM fits waists 27″-35″

Size LARGE fits waists 36″-43″

Size XL fits waists 43″-49″

What are you waiting for? Pick up some BareBums and see what the hype is all about!


NOTICE: Oils and Lotions/Creams can cause ink transfer if applied to diaper plastic. We do not cover damages if this occurs.

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Medium (27"-35"), Large (36"-43"), XL (43"-49")