Adult Sized Pacifier

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Adult Sized Pacifier

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Finally, a pacifier for adults!

Extra wide nipple for optimal comfort!

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*Notice: The “Green/white” color is for one pacifier, not two.
It has a green shield with a white handle and center.*



Adult Sized Pacifier

An Adult Sized Pacifier is the perfect way to feel little! These pacifiers are much larger than baby pacifiers and accommodate the larger mouths of adults much better. The longer and wider nipple allows the user to get more suction. The mouth guard is much larger than baby pacifiers and makes you feel very little when you are using it.

Many ABDLs find comfort in using pacifiers. They are great to suck on when napping, on long car trips, when getting your diaper changed, watching cartoons, or whenever you feel like a pacifier is needed.

Pacifiers take you back to a simpler time and really help you feel like a baby again. We here at Wearing Clouds recommend this product to anyone who currently uses baby pacifiers and is looking for an upgrade. If you have never tried a pacifier recently, we recommend trying one of these. You will love it!

Try one today and see just how amazing they really are!

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Cleaning Instructions:

DO NOT BOIL! Extreme heat may warp the plastic. Wearing Clouds is not responsible for warped pacifiers if choose to sanitize them with boiling water. 

Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Notice: Due to the fact that each pacifier made is different, product photos may not be exact. However, the product photos mimic as close to possible the actual color of the pacifier. Thanks!

WARNING: This product is intended for adult use only. Small parts may pose as a choking hazard for young children. Recommended age is 18 years and older. This is a novelty item for adults. It is not a toy. Keep this product away from children. This product is manufactured from food grade silicone. It is BPA free, latex free, and conforms to all general product safety protocols. Inspect pacifier before each use. Test the nipple by pulling before each use. Throw away on first sign of damage. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to message us. Thank you.

-Please visit our Terms of Service page for copyright or trademark concerns. Thank you.-

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White, Black, Yellow, Lavender (light purple), Mint Green, Soft Pink, Green/White, Coffee (brown), Light Blue, Orange, Dark Purple, Pearl Teal, Purple Glitter, Gold Glitter, Magenta, Red, Dark Blue, Random pack of 5 different colors

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