Beta Frosty Nighttime Vinyl Pants

These fabulous, high cut pants feature a wide 3/4″ fabric elastic to ensure they stay in place.

Made with a strong, smooth, Frosty-Transparent vinyl (PVC) pants, with a very light silver sheen. This model is a high cut design with wide elastics perfect for nighttime use or wearing over a bulkier diaper.

All Beta pants have a wide crotch  for absorbent pads. These are excellent and strong pants.

If diapers are worn, measure your hip size over top of the diaper.

Size Chart

  Size    Waist    Hips    Leg         
  Small    26″-38″ (66cm-97cm)    Up to 38″ (97cm)    7″-11″
  Medium       33″ to 40″ (82cm-102cm)    Up to 42″ (106cm)    7.5″-12″
  Large    39″ to 48″ (98cm-120cm)    Up to 49″ (125cm)    7″-12″

Washing Instructions

Hand wash with detergent and water. Can also be washed in the washing machine with cold water, but this is not recommended and can significantly reduce the life of the product. Hang or towel dry.


Small (26"-38"), Medium (33"-40"), Large (39"-48")