ConfiDry 24/7

The ConfiDry 24/7 Diaper has been a classic among ABDLs for many years. Before the days of ABDL specific diapers, the 24/7’s were a fan favorite. They continue to provide the same great performance and can always be trusted. Check out some of the great features this product offers!

  • Super Absorbency Power of up to 95oz
  • Front and Back Elastic Waistband
  • Two Strong, Dual-layer Tapes per side
  • Smooth, Durable Plastic Backing
  • Full length standing leak guards

As always, the Confidry 24/7 diaper is sure to meet or even exceed your standards! If you have not tried this classic diaper, get one today!

Size MEDIUM fits waists 32″-42″

Size LARGE fits waists 43″-65″

If you are in between sizes, it is best to go with the larger size. If you have a narrow waist but wider hips, you may consider using your hip measurement instead for a better fit.

Each order is for one diaper only.

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Medium (32"-42"), Large (43"-65")