Deluxe Sample Pack

Create your own custom pack of 10 diapers. Mix and match your favorites or try out new brands! Want to upgrade? Check out our Ultimate Sample Pack and double your diapers!

Notice: If you select a certain quantity of a diaper and it automatically changes to a lower number, that means we only have that many left. For example, if you enter 4 quantity of (insert super awesome diaper), and the number changes to 3 or lower, that means that’s the remainder of our stock. If you are looking for a size “medium” of a specific diaper, and only “large” is showing, that means we are currently out of stock for size medium, and vice versa.

The sizing for each product will be listed. If you are in between sizes, it is best to go with the larger size. If you have a narrow waist but wider hips, you may consider using your hip measurement instead for a better fit.

Random Design Diapers: Some products featured in the Deluxe Sample Pack have more than one design. The ABU DinoRawrz, ABU BunnyHopps, ABU PeekABU, LittleForBig Astro Babies,  LittleForBig Little Circus, and LittleForBig Potty Pants diapers have between two to five different designs available. Due to the randomness of each pack, we are unable to guarantee you will get a specific design and therefore cannot accepts special requests. However, if you order more than one, we will do our best to make sure you receive different designs.

Scented Diapers: Some diapers are scented such as the Rearz Lil Bellas. If you are sensitive to fragrances, this product might not be right for you.

NOTICE: Oils and Lotions/Creams can cause ink transfer if applied to colored diaper plastic. We do not cover damages if this occurs.


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