UPDATE! NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION! These diapers are no longer being made by ABU and we don’t know if or when they will return. Supply is limited. Get them while you can!

The ABU Preschool is a brand new ABDL diaper that features a soft cloth-like backing with a plastic landing zone. Unlike other cloth-backed diapers, these have glue tapes that fasten to a plastic landing zone. They do not have the typical velcro-style tabs that most cloth-back diapers have. Here is a list of all the amazing features this diaper offers:

  • 4 strong tapes per side (non-velcro)
  • Tall leakguards to maintain accidents
  • Fast absorbing core
  • Super soft cloth-like backing
  • Back Waistband
  • Silky smooth plastic landing zone for multiple readjustments
  • Medium absorbency – Perfect for daytime playtime!

These diapers are sure to bring out your inner kid! Put one on and travel back to a carefree time of playgrounds, snack time, and coloring books!

The preschool diaper is available in four different designs! When you order, each order will contain ONE RANDOM design. The four possible designs are shown in the pictures above. Unfortunately due to the randomness of each pack, we cannot guarantee that you will be shipped a certain design.

Size MEDIUM fits waists 30″-36″

Size LARGE fits waists 37″-42″

Size XL fits waists 43″-49″

Each order is for ONE RANDOM SAMPLE


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Medium (30"-36"), Large (37"-42"), XL (43"-49")