Violet Adult Training Pants

Set out on any adventure with confidence. These training pants feature a thick core with enough absorbency for almost a bladder full. These are for light incontinence when used alone and should be worn with a protective cover such as a plastic pant as they’re not waterproof.


Size Fit
  Small    21″ – 28″
  Medium    24″ – 34″
  Large    28″ – 38″
  X-Large    34″ – 44″
  2XL    36″ – 48″
  3XL    38″ – 52″
  4XL    40″ – 56″

We recommend ordering a size where you are closest to the middle of the size range. If you are an inch from either the high or low end of a size range please consider choose a different size as the pants will either be too loose or too tight

Washing Instructions

Training pants can be washed like ordinary underwear if they are not heavily soiled. Place them into the washer along with your usual laundry and then dry them in the dryer. Use low-medium heat when drying to extend the life of the item.


Small (21"-28"), Medium (24"-34"), Large (28"-38"), X-Large (34"-44")