InControl Premium Nights with Whiff-X

Check out all the great features the InControl Premium Nights with Whiff-X diaper offers!

  • Wide and thick absorbency core for up to 12 hour protection
  • Two strong tapes per side (easy to readjust)
  • Extra tall standing leak guards
  • Front and Back elastic waistband
  • Smooth all black plastic backing
  • Strong landing zone to resist tears (perfect for active users)
    Whiff-X Technology: An Unparalleled Innovation

    The hypoallergenic triple protection core is crafted using all-natural compounds and employs one-way absorption to keep moisture away from the skin. It actively neutralizes odors and bacteria, ensuring that unpleasant smells are eliminated during and after use, leaving you with a fresher experience throughout the day. Say goodbye to unwanted odors and enjoy the added freshness in your waste bin.

As you can see, the InControl Premium Nights with Whiff-X offer everything you’d expect in a premium adult diaper! Try one today and see for yourself. Also available in our  Deluxe and Ultimate Sample Packs!

Size Medium Large
      Best Fit 76cm – 102cm

30″ – 40″

 84cm – 107cm

33″ – 42″ 

Max Fit 66cm – 120cm

26″ – 47″

81cm – 132cm

32″ – 52″

Capacity (ISO) 5426g 5815g

If you are in between sizes, it is best to go with the larger size. If you have a narrow waist but wider hips, you may consider using your hip measurement instead for a better fit.

Each order is for one diaper only. NOTICE: Oils and Lotions/Creams can cause ink transfer if applied to diaper plastic. We do not cover damages if this occurs.

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Medium (30"-40"), Large (33"-48")